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JUL 19

Exploring Threshing & Clearness

19 July 2022, Online

How can threshing, clearness, and other methods help Quakers make good decisions even in difficult situations? This course will help you understand these processes and think about how to use them.

Quakers do many things differently, especially when it comes to decision making. This session will help Friends to define and explore Threshing, Clearness, and other different concepts and practices available to us as part of a whole group, and in time spent in break out rooms.

This session is not just for new Friends, it is valuable to Quakers, seasoned and not, to invest time in consideration of what could be considered basic practices in order for us to keep working smoothly as a community and to be the change we want to see in the world.

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Start: 19:00 on 19 July 2022

Finish: 21:00 on 19 July 2022


United Kingdom

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