Diversity report continues process of learning and change

Quakers in Britain made a commitment at Yearly Meeting to becoming an anti-racist church and the organisation's trustees are committed to making the workplace more inclusive. As part of this programme, external consultants have delivered an audit of how it performs on equity, diversity and inclusion.

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Recording Clerk Paul Parker said, "We acknowledge with great sadness that the way we work with each other, and as an organisation, isn't always good enough. We're committed to the necessary work of learning and change and we wanted a clear and objective picture of where we are now."

Committed to change

"We knew that some of the findings in this report would be uncomfortable and they are. We're committed to making change happen."

The audit, presented to an all-staff meeting this week, describes how some staff report experiencing micro-aggressions at work and that failings on equity, diversity and inclusion are often overlooked. It also describes concerns that "lower paid roles are not listened to" and an inconsistent management response to equity, diversity and inclusion issues.

The consultants make a series of recommendations to bring about change, including; providing an equity, diversity and inclusion learning programme; developing behaviour frameworks and more robust processes for handling oppressive incidents; and identifying where marginalised staff face barriers and actions to remove them or provide support.

Paul Parker said, "The next step is a working group with clear authority to act and make change happen. That work starts now."