New bill to undermine human rights in the UK

Quakers in Britain will oppose new legislation to repeal the current Human Rights Act. This move would weaken human rights for everyone in the UK.

Lady justice
Photo by Charles D P Miller on Wikimedia Commons

Human rights stem naturally from Quakers' belief in 'that of God in everyone' and our testimony to equality.

The Human Rights Act enshrines fundamental rights and freedoms into UK law. It has enabled hundreds of people to challenge decisions that violate their rights in a range of settings, such as health, social care, education, justice and immigration.

New legislation published by the government today aims to scrap the Act and replace it with weaker measures. The new bill will dilute human rights protections and make it harder to challenge abuses.

Paul Parker, Recording Clerk of Quakers in Britain, said:

“If passed, this bill would undermine all our human rights. It will affect everyone, but particularly the most vulnerable. It is part of a disturbing trend of the government reducing its own accountability. We need to protect the Human Rights Act and turn the tide in a more democratic direction."

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