Our work in the world is possible because of the service carried out by Quakers from across Britain. Serving on a committee or group ensures that Quakers are able to continue our efforts to help bring a just, sustainable world.

What sort of roles are available?

These are all of the committees and groups associated with Britain Yearly Meeting where Friends can offer central service.

If you wish to offer central service, please fill in a Quaker Service Information Form.

When you have read through the list of committees and groups, if you would like to be considered for a specific service opportunity, please complete an Expression of Interest form.

Please read our committee list below for the full list of service opportunities.

Our committees and groups

    Quaker Governance

    Quaker Governance ensures that Britain Yearly Meeting is well run. These committees and groups make sure our work is in accord with Quaker faith and values.

    Audit Committee : Work to ensure that BYM's finances are legal, well managed and low risk.

    BYM Trustees : Look after BYM's work and the things that BYM own. They support and guide the administration of BYM. They are responsible for the buildings and assets that belong to BYM.

    BYM Trustee Nominations : Find Friends to serve on BYM Trustee appointed committees.

    Central Nominations Committee : Match the gifts of Friends across BYM to roles serving the meeting. This includes work on central committees and groups. Appoint Friends to represent Quakers on outside bodies.

    Church Government Advisory Group : Identify and draft any changes to Quaker faith & practice. Consults with Friends and other experts as needed.

    Employment Committee : BYM has staff who carry out its work. This committee oversees the employment of those staff. This includes policy setting, salary awards, and compliance.

    Finance & Property Committee : Look after the finance and property of BYM.

    Friends Trusts Ltd : Look after the property and investments held in trust for BYM.

    The Quiet Company Trustees : Oversee the work of the Quiet Company. The Quiet Company works on behalf of the charity, Britain Yearly Meeting, to run a conference, events and catering business at Friends House. It also oversees the running of Swarthmoor Hall, the Friends House bookshop, and facilities on both sites.

    Meeting for Sufferings Arrangements Group : Work to support Meeting for Sufferings.

    Quaker Housing Trust, Trustees : QHT is a charity that funds and supports social housing projects. They give small grants, interest free loans and advice. Visit the QHT website for more information.

    Quaker Life Approvals Panel : Provides an appeals process for Friends who have a criminal record. These Friends may have been told that they cannot take on a job which works with children and vulnerable people. They can appeal this decision with the Quaker Life Appeals Panel.

    Senior Staff Grievance & Disciplinary Group : Is called on when there is a need to hear a grievance or to discipline a senior staff member of BYM.

    Yearly Meeting Agenda Committee : Discerns, plans and runs Yearly Meeting and Yearly Meeting Gathering.

    Yearly Meeting Arrangements Committee : Help to run Yearly Meeting. They support and act on behalf of the Agenda Committee at Yearly Meetings.

    Yearly Meeting Nominating Group : Works to find Friends to serve on Central Nominations Committee.

    Quaker Connections

    Quaker Connections reach out to make connections with other groups. These can be other Quaker meetings across the world, or other faith groups.

    Friend in Residence, Pendle Hill Study Centre : Stay at Pendle Hill in North America for three months in the Autumn / Winter. Friends taking on this role live and work at the centre.

    Quaker Committee for Christian & Interfaith Relations : Help Quakers to work with other faiths and human values groups. Support the work to find and pursue common goals.

    Quaker Council for European Affairs : Bring a vision of peace, justice and equality to Europe. Work with other groups that work in Europe.

    Quaker United Nations (UN) Committee - Geneva (QUNC Geneva) : The Quaker UN Office holds Friends' concerns for global peace and justice. The committee sets the priorities and it monitors the work of the UN Office.

    Quaker World Relations Committee : Help BYM keep in contact with other Quaker meetings and groups across the world. Work to understand and support one another.

    Representatives to other European Meetings : Represent BYM at a European Yearly Meeting. Friends are only asked to serve over the time of the meeting. This is a short term appointment.

    Quaker Life

    Quaker Life works to support and strengthen Quaker life throughout the yearly meeting.

    Book of Discipline Revision Committee : Work to revise Quaker faith & practice. This work is done every generation to reflect changes in faith. This work began in 2019 and will finish in ten years' time.

    Developing Opportunities for Young Quakers Reference Group : Support young Quakers (aged from 11 to 18) to get involved in their faith. Working with local and area meetings.

    Engaging Young Adult Friends : Support and empower young adults across BYM to fully take part in their faith. Young adult Quakers are those aged from 18 to 35.

    Quaker Life Central Committee : Work to support and strengthen Quaker Life across Britain. The committee oversees both the nurture of the spirit and the practical tasks that are needed to run our Quaker meetings.

    Yearly Meeting Elders : Makes sure that the meetings of Britain Yearly Meeting are held as an expression of the Quaker faith. They promote the principles of our meetings for both worship and business. They are there to support and guide all Friends in the meeting.

    Yearly Meeting Epistle Drafters : Write the Epistle at Yearly Meeting. This is a short term appointment over the course of Yearly Meeting.

    Yearly Meeting Pastoral Care : Support Friends in need who come to Yearly Meeting. The need could be emotional, physical or spiritual. They also manage the bursary for Friends who need financial support to come.

    Yearly Meeting Publications Group : Oversee the publication of Quaker faith & practice, the book of Christian discipline of the Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). They also have to ensure the up to date publication of the booklet Advices & queries.

    Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW)

    Quaker Peace & Social Witness works to translate our faith into action.

    Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) : Committee members guide the work of this programme. The work places people from the UK and Ireland into Palestine and Israel. They live alongside the communities and work non-violently against military occupation.

    QPSW Central Committee : Has the oversight of Quaker work for peace and social justice. It has a strategic view of the work of the other committees within QPSW.

    QPSW Conciliation Group : Sets the priorities for QPSW conciliation work. The aim of this work is to support key groups and people involved in specific conflicts. The work helps them to deal with conflict without the use of violence.

    QPSW Economics & Sustainability Subcommittee : Sets the priorities for QPSW work. Help to build an economy that does not harm the environment. Aim to protect and support all life. Help us use economic power to the benefit of all.

    QPSW Grants Group : Awards QPSW small grants. These range from grants for international development to grants for education.

    QPSW Standing Nominations Committee : Work to match the gifts of Friends to these QPSW groups.


    If something sounds like you, let us know.

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