The responsibility for running local and area Quaker meetings is held by their members. These pages offer information about the roles, and advice and support to the role-holders.


All members are part of the clergy and have the clergy's responsibility for the maintenance of the meeting as a community.

- Quaker faith & practice 11.01


The Quaker faith can sometimes appear to outsiders as a do it yourself religion. There are no paid ministers or clergy in Quaker meetings. The work of the meetings is carried out by Quaker Attenders and Members. This is done on a voluntary basis in most cases and is considered by Friends as ministry in the form of service.

Quaker roles

Here is our guidance and support for:

Patterns and examples role-holder gatherings

Patterns and examples days are gatherings for all adult role holders, and children and young people aged 6 to 18. Each one will be an opportunity to meet Friends, make friends, share ideas and worries, develop your skills and build our Quaker communities.

They are being held in three locations in 2020:

  • CANCELLED Saturday, 2 May, Lampeter University, Dyfed, Wales
  • CANCELLED Saturday, 30 May, Norwich Quaker Meeting House, Norfolk, England
  • CANCELLED Saturday, 27 June, Lancaster Quaker Meeting House, Lancashire, England

Read about patterns and examples events in the blog written following the gathering in Edinburgh in 2018.

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