We believe that everyone can take action to help end the occupation and bring about a just peace for both Palestinians and Israelis. We need a movement of people who can take action for peace. Will you join us?

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    Ecumenical Accompanier role description

    See if Ecumenical Accompaniment in Israel and Palestine is right for you.

    Apply to be a human rights monitor

    Recruitment for Ecumenical Accompaniers for 2023 is now closed. When recruitment for 2024 is opened information about how to apply will be available on this page.

    To get an idea of what's involved, please see the 2021-22 role description (Word) and read some field reports written by Ecumenical Accompaniers (EAs) on our blog.

    We recruit a year in advance and provide in-depth training and resources to help you to prepare.

    We want to build an inclusive and diverse network of EAs and particularly welcome applications from those usually under-represented in this type of role.

    No previous monitoring experience is required. Your expenses will be paid and a living allowance provided. We welcome applications from people of all faiths and none.

    We expect EAs to be flexible, hard-working, physically and emotionally robust, open to hearing from different perspectives, and able to represent the programme in a professional manner.

    Please note that we recruit EAs for the UK and Ireland part of EAPPI only.

    “It is an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I hope I will become an advocate worthy of the many Palestinians and Israelis I met during my term."

    - Veronica, EA from the UK, 2015


    Share the stories

    Please read and share the eyewitness accounts EAs from Britain and Ireland have written on our Eyewitness blog. Can you also share with your friends and networks our EAPPI resources on issues such as education, access to worship and checkpoints?

    You can also ask us for some EAPPI leaflets to share with your local church, school, workplace, or community.

    Invite an Ecumenical Accompanier to speak

    EAs returning to their home communities are more than happy to share their stories by speaking to different audiences. If you would like to invite an EA to speak to your community group, please contact us at eappi@quaker.org.uk.

    Write to your elected representatives

    Contact your elected representative to ask them to act. Pressure from constituents via emails, phone calls and meetings is one of the most important and effective ways we can help influence government policy. To highlight a particular issue, you can send them an Eyewitness blog post.

    To be effective when writing or speaking to an elected representative:

    • keep your points short and specific
    • ask for their view or response
    • always ask them to raise the issue with the relevant minister.

    Find your elected representatives here:

    Support Israeli peace groups

    Discover ways you can support Israeli peace activists and groups by visiting their websites. For example:


    "Ending the occupation is better for Israel. If you care deeply about Israel, you'll care about its soul, and its soul is being eaten away by the occupation."

    - Gila Svirsky, Israeli peace campaigner


    Visit Israel and occupied Palestine

    Explore the situation first-hand by meeting people affected by the conflict and looking at aspects of life in Israel and occupied Palestine. Tours are run by a number of different groups including those listed below:

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