These short booklets look at practical aspects of campaigning and community organising.

Bringing together Quaker values and practical tips, each toolkit for action can serve as starting point for anyone feeling inspired to take action for social change.

Topics covered


    Toolkit for action: Engaging with conflict, challenging hate

    How can we respond well to conflicts, whether they are inner conflicts, interpersonal ones, or within our communities? This toolkit looks at different approaches.

    Organising actions

    Once you have decided on the focus of your group's concern and considered the type of change you wish to bring about, the next step is to develop an action that fits with your project. These guides outline some possibilities.

    Difficult conversations

    There will naturally be a diversity of views present in any given group, and it is not easy when conflicts emerge. These guides offer tips on finding agreement, and managing the group dynamics that influence us all.

    Engaging elected representatives

    Engaging with our elected representatives can be complicated. These guides offer clear and practical information to make this process easier.

    Media and social media

    Once you've planned a campaign, project or action, you'll probably want to publicise it to gather support, raise awareness of the issue and to reach, or build pressure upon, any decision makers you've identified. These guides offer some ideas about how you can do this.

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