Are you interested in finding out more about how to engage with politics? Would you like to speak out about a current political issue?

Quakers are engaged in politics on a national, local, and individual level. We do not always hold a discerned corporate position, and often individual Quakers disagree.

To find out how individuals and meetings can engage with politicians visit our Political engagement page.

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    New briefing: Build Back Better

    This guide will help you uphold and promote the Quaker vision for build back better both nationally and in your community.

    Build Back Better

    We've created some resources to help campaign for a better economy and society after the coronavirus pandemic. Our Build Back Better briefing for MPs and Peers (PDF) was sent to all parliamentarians in June 2020.

    Our briefing for Friends (PDF) will help you uphold and promote the Quaker vision for build back better both nationally and in your community.

    Election guides (for 2019 general election)

    This early general elections guide (PDF) written in 2019 will help Quakers engage with politicians in the run-up to a possible general election in late 2019 or early 2020.

    Template email inviting local parliamentary candidates to meet with their local Quaker meeting (Word)

    You can find information about your local parliamentary candidates and polling station using this website (offsite link).

    Election hopes display

    Display showing printed A4 posters, some with handwriting on them

    The election hopes display kit aims to encourage positive conversations around the upcoming general election. It's a way for people using meeting houses to share their hopes.

    The kit comprises:


    Quakers across Britain hold a range of different views. Britain Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends holds no discerned position on membership of the European Union.

    Meeting for Sufferings, our representative body, has previously said: “ We pray for those in positions of power. We call on them, as public servants, to work with all of good faith to build the world we seek. There can be no peace without justice; no love without trust; and no unity without equality. Our faith urges us to welcome the stranger as our equal and friend, feed those who are hungry and shelter those who are homeless, needy and frightened."

    We have written about Brexit here:

    Advice on specific political issues

    Download one of our guides about politics below. If you need more information please email Grace Da Costa, parliamentary engagement officer, at

    Please also tell us if you write to your elected representatives or take political action locally. It's invaluable for us to build up a picture of political engagement across Britain.

    A guide to local government

    This guide is for individuals and groups who want to know more about how to engage with local government. It provides an overview of the structures of local government in Scotland, England and Wales, the Quaker concerns it works on, and ways of engaging with it. Local government: a guide for Quakers (PDF).

    Contacting your MP

    The contacting your MP briefing (PDF) gives advice on how to engage with politics. It will help you to decide on an approach, contact your MP if appropriate, and engage with them further when they respond.

    You can also use the briefing to help you engage with local councillors, Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) or Members of the Senedd (MSs).

    Advice on political meetings and election hustings

    The elections and hustings briefing (PDF) is to help area and local meetings decide whether to hold a hustings during elections, and to provide information for those who do. It provides advice on who to invite and how to plan hustings.

    Finding out more online

    You may also be interested in one of these links to external political websites:

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