Yearly Meeting is a time for learning, inspiration and strength for our collective witness. As far back as 1668, Quakers meeting in London wrote, “We did conclude among ourselves to settle a meeting, to see one another's faces, and open our hearts to one another in the Truth of God once a year."

Yearly Meeting can often refresh our spiritual lives and help in our seeking. Each year, a set of documents are prepared and published before Yearly Meeting gathers in session. These documents help us meet with hearts and minds prepared.

Documents in advance

Often referred to as the Documents in advance, the documents here introduce the theme of the Yearly Meeting, and contain reports from across Britain Yearly Meeting (including BYM Trustees and Meeting for Sufferings). Preparation documents are available in two parts, bundle two will be published in early May.

Preparation Documents

All Documents

Printed documents

  • Documents will be available to access online ahead of Yearly Meeting, published in two batches. Friends will read the documents online, though if you need printed documents, they are printer-friendly and in PDF format. We request that individuals print copies or ask if anyone in your meeting can assist you. This will help us to save costs, especially while we are unable to print and send copies from Friends House.
  • Those with access requirements for printed materials can request them when booking for Yearly Meeting. If this does not meet your accessibility needs, or the needs of someone you know, please email

Policies and guidance

Videos: introductions to sessions

Lecture recordings

  • Ruth Cadbury gave the Salter Lecture: Truth and integrity in public life
  • Helen Minnis gave the 2022 Swarthmore Lecture: Perceiving the temperature of the water



  • The Epistle of Yearly Meeting is written during the Yearly Meeting and circulated with the minutes. The Epistle is written by the Epistle Drafting Group throughout Yearly Meeting and reflects and recalls the spiritual dimensions, depths and highlights of the Yearly Meeting. When complete, the epistle is sent out to all meetings in Britain and to other Yearly Meetings in loving greetings.
  • Read the full epistle of Britain Yearly Meeting 2022 (PDF)

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Watch sessions and lectures and read documents from previous Yearly Meetings.

The Yearly Meeting archive contains the minutes, epistle and lectures from the previous seven Yearly Meetings.

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